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AED 40000.00 - AED 45000.00 per annum
Job role: CEO - Property Management            
Location: Dubai, UAE         
Salary:      Negotiable         
The overall objective of the position of the CEO is to provide leadership and direction to the company so as to enable it to achieve the objectives set out by the company.               
Duties and Responsibilities:            
1. The CEO is responsible to the Board of              
Directors for planning, organizing, directing              
and controlling the activities of the company.              
His responsibilities may be classified as              
follows: •              
business planning •              
policy implementation •              
supervision and control of operations •              
financial management •              
relationship management              
Business planning              
2. The CEO is responsible for developing              
and advising the Board on the business              
guidelines, policies and regulations that              
should be adopted to achieve the overall purpose              
of the company.              
3. The CEO is responsible for the development and              
maintenance, on a yearly rolling basis, of the              
company’s medium to long term business plan for              
the Board’s consideration and approval.              
4. The CEO prepares and submits to the Board, for              
their consideration and approval, a yearly              
business plan embodying the objectives to be              
achieved that year and the specific policies and              
strategies to be adopted in the short term.              
5. The CEO has the responsibility for keeping              
abreast of economic developments in the United              
Arab Emirates and assessing the impact of such              
developments on the business plans of the              
Policy implementation and supervision and control              
of operations              
6. The CEO is responsible for the              
implementation, both personally and through the              
company’s appropriate departments, of the              
business plans, policies and strategies as              
approved by the Board.              
7. The CEO is responsible for the overall dayto-              
day management, supervision and control of              
all operations of the c o m p a n y . He has              
direct responsibility for supervising his direct              
reporters by setting them objectives within the              
overall business plan and regularly monitoring              
and assessing their performance.              
8. The CEO is responsible for regularly monitoring              
the company’s overall performance. In              
particular, he is responsible for the              
presentation to the Board of regular periodic              
reports on the progress achieved against the              
business plan and his proposals for revising the              
business plan in the light of economic              
9. He is responsible for providing leadership to              
the executive management team, motivating them              
and coordinating their work in order to ensure              
smooth operational processes and achieve              
profitability within the guidelines set by the              
Board. He is also responsible for resolving              
conflict within the management team and              
providing clear guidance on operating policy and              
decision making.              
10.The CEO is responsible for ensuring that the              
company has the necessary resources to meet its              
objectives. In particular, he must ensure the              
recruitment and retention of a professional team              
with the requisite skills, the optimum              
deployment of information technology and a              
viable network of business partners.              
11.The CEO is responsible for ensuring that              
the company has adequate systems and              
procedures for its effective and efficient              
functioning and that these systems cover all              
business units and support functions.              
Financial management              
12.The CEO will ensure that the company maintains              
proper books of accounts and that the Board is              
provided with financial and management              
information to enable them to properly monitor              
the performance of the company.              
13.The CEO is responsible for the preparation and              
submission to the Board for consideration              
and approval of an annual budget in advance              
and in respect of every financial year of the              
company based on the approved business plan.              
14.The CEO shall monitor the actual performance of              
the company against the budget and provide              
explanations for variances that arise.              
15.The CEO is responsible for the protection of the              
assets of the company through ensuring that              
there is an adequate and functioning              
system of internal control and adequate              
insurance cover.              
16.The CEO is responsible for controlling capital              
and current expenditure and ensuring that the              
company obtains good value for its money.              
Relationship management              
17.The CEO has a key role in establishing,              
maintaining and enhancing relationships with, in              
particular the following bodies: •              
government ministries and agencies concerned              
with the economic and financial policies of              
the UAE •              
major existing and potential business              
partners within the UAE •              
banks and other financial authorities •              
professional advisors to the company              
18. In general, the CEO has a key role in              
process of establishing and maintaining a wide              
network of contacts within the UAE in order to              
access investment opportunities and deal flow.              
In particular, he strives to maintain the              
goodwill of all outside parties towards the              
Essential Experience:            
Qualifications and experience •              
A good bachelor degree, preferably with an MBA,              
other advanced degree or a relevant professional              
qualification. •              
10 years of management experience in the in the              
properties/facilities/real estate sectors in              
progressively higher levels of responsibility              
with at least 5 years in a senior executive role              
in property management. •              
A track record in setting up and developing new              
organizations or business units.              
Personal attributes •              
Excellent written and spoken communication              
skills in both Arabic and English. •              
Must have the confidence and personal presence              
to be able to interact effectively at              
ministerial and Board level with UAE Government              
agencies and to represent the company in public. •              
Ability to visualize mission and objectives and              
formulate clear strategies for achieving them. •              
Excellent organisational, planning, leadership              
and problem solving skills. •              
Excellent regional and local contacts in the              
Property Management sector. •              
Self-starter with the ability to work without              
close supervision while adhering to approved              
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