Knowledge Centre released on this site

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new knowledge centre which you can find via this here the first topic is a general overview of employment in the UAE. In future topics we will expand on individual parts of the employment process, labour law and living in the UAE.

Topics will be released weekly so make sure to stay up to date of future releases by following our company page on LinkedIn

Forthcoming topics include –

1. Visa Processing
2. Employment Contracts
3. Medical Insurance
4. NOC’s – No Objection Certificates
5. Visa Cancellation
6. A helpful guide to living in the UAE

We hope you find our new section useful and if you have any suggestions of topics you would like to see covered please email with the subject heading Topic Suggestions


Summer Referral Scheme

We are pleased to announce our summer client referral scheme covering the period 1st July until 30 September 2018.

This is offer is valid for new client introductions – any companies in the UAE and KSA be it your own company or through people in your network.
• We will pay AED 500 for all placements with a new client on a temporary or short term basis
• Our offer to you is uncapped so for example if your referral(s) lead to 10 contract placements before 30th September 2018 we will pay AED 5,000
• Minimum contract duration is 3 months
• Work Placements for jobs starting with new clients from 1 May to 30 September
• For more details please contact us today and we will release more information

Benefits of temporary recruitment in the Middle East
• Additional staff on Contracts as short as 3 months
• 100% UAE Labour Law compliant
• Fast turnaround – Sourced and seconded in as little as one week
• Easy on boarding, mobilization and demobilization of candidates
• No disruption to ongoing projects
• Choice of skilled staff from a preselected shortlist delivered to your inbox in no longer than 48 hours
• Short term holiday cover / project staffing / permanent long term staffing
• Options to extend the contract or take the employee permanently
• All staff supplied from AED 5,000 to AED 75,000 per month
• References from Tier 1 Contractors and Consultants available
We are currently supplying staff on Dubai’s most prestigious and recognizable projects, including The Royal Atlantis, Ain Dubai, Bluewaters Island, EXPO 2020, One JBR and Uptown Dubai.

As we approach a critical time of project completion and new projects starting that must be completed ahead of Expo 2020 our service provides your business the ability to run at full capacity ensuring project commitments and deadlines are met.

The team at EA recruit

t: +971 4 362 6291


Good Conduct Certificate Suspended in UAE

Effective from the 1st April, the Good Conduct Certificate will not be required for any person seeking employment or moving jobs in the UAE.

Following confirmation from the MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) yesterday the process has been suspended until further notice.

For future updates regarding this and any Visa related news please follow us on LinkedIn  here


EA proud to announce expansion of Contract Recruitment delivery to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Following the launch of our contract recruitment provision two years ago, the service has gone from strength to strength with a particularly strong finish to the second half of 2017 and an excellent start to 2018. We are fortunate to be working with some of the region’s largest construction companies across Project Management Consultancy, Main Contractor and Sub-Contractor businesses. With contract staff currently working on some of the most iconic and prestigious projects across the UAE, EA have placed people on to The Royal Atlantis, Ain Dubai, Dubai Frame and Expo 2020 site.

We are now in a position to announce the expansion of our established service in the UAE to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our new agreement allows us to place staff on a temporary basis from 3 months to 12 months as well as support the deployment of permanent staff while waiting for the necessary paperwork. We hope that this will allow our current and new clients a much needed support in Saudi Arabia.

John Mason, Business Manager commented that “ we know how difficult it can be obtaining the required documentation to even get an employee fully compliant to commence work. The addition of a service in KSA can benefit our clients in numerous ways, deployment of staff for short term projects, visa and payroll service for existing staff and temporary hiring of staff prior to commitment of onboarding as a permanent contracted employee amongst others. With a team of support staff based in country, we can manage every step of the process. From initial deployment to bank account opening when fully approved. I will be speaking to clients directly about this but in the meantime if there are any enquiries please contact me on ”


Student attends internship with EA recruit

We had the pleasure of welcoming Robert who is currently studying at UAS Dubai to our office last week on a work experience placement and he kindly agreed to write a blog about his time here.

“When I started my internship at EA recruit, I was expecting a room full of lifeless, lazy and bored people who wanted nothing but to go home. I was surprised to see that the employees here are the exact opposite. Not only are they interesting and entertaining people, but they show dedication to the company. They work all day and into the night dealing with clients. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority. They do what they do the way they do it not because they love money, but because they care for the company and their clients. Their work is very hard and stressful, but their positive outlook on everything helps them to be more productive. From my time here, I have learned the importance of positivity in the workplace.”


Understanding the Good Conduct Certificate – UAE

Starting 4th of February, 2018, there will be major changes to the UAE’s visa system in the shape of a new requirement for incoming expat workers to prove they do not have a criminal record, either in their country of origin or a previous country of residence.

Expatriates applying for a job in the UAE must obtain a certificate of good conduct in order to be issued a work permit in the UAE. Expatriates who apply for work visa in the UAE must first obtain a certificate of good conduct — issued by either their home country or the country where they lived for the last five years.

The Good Conduct Certificate and Educational Certificates must be Notarised Legalised and Attested prior to submitting the work or resident permit application. The Legalised certificate then should be attested by the UAE Embassy in the home country or country of domicile (Attestation). The final Attested certificate then should be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE.

You may check this link for your reference :

Understanding the attestation process
All documents which were issued outside of the UAE need to be verified within the country of origin, so for example, a degree or diploma certificate from a UK university must be sent to the UK for attestation.

The process is generally undertaken in 3 steps – Notarisation, Attestestation, Legalisation (then UAE MOFA stamp Legal Translation)

1.   The document is viewed by a notary in the country of origin who produces a ‘true copy’ stating that they have seen the original and that the documents stamped is a true copy of the original.

2.   This notarised true copy is then brought to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin who will ‘attest’ that the Notary stamp is genuine.

3.   This notarised and attested document is then taken to the UAE Embassy in the country of origin who will stamp (legalise) to say that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp is genuine and it can be used in the UAE.

4.   The document can then be posted to us and we will then obtain the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) stamp which will verify that the UAE Embassy in the country of origin in genuine. Generally speaking UAE MOFA stamps for personal documents such as Degree certificates cost AED 150 per document. Corporate Documents such as Certificates of Incorporation cost AED 2000 per document to stamp at MOFA in UAE. PPG can assist to obtain these stamp for you.

5.   The document can then be legally translated into Arabic and stamped by the Ministry of Justice to say that the translator is legally appointed. PPG can assist to coordinate the legal translation.

6.   The document is then fully ready for use in the UAE.

Please see below the process of obtaining Good Conduct Certificate for each of the countries mentioned below.

United Kingdom

British citizens are able to apply online through the website which is the fastest route, or by post. They will have to fill in an application form with the expected response time two working days for the premium service, and 10 working days for the standard service.

United States

Americans can visit their local police department or request from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) either an FBI Identification Record or proof that a record does not exist. A written request must be sent to the Criminal Justice Information Services division at the FBI, along with proof of identity, a set of fingerprints, which can be taken at local police departments, and a certified cheque or money order for the processing fee.


Citizens can apply online through the Ministry of Justice’s website They will have different options depending on their place of birth and whether they are in or out of the country, each of which will require them to fill out an application form. They will also be able to choose how many copies of the document they require, free of charge. The document will contain criminal offences and will be sent back by post.


Citizens can apply online through the website of the Ministry of External Affairs Consular, Passport and Visa Division They will have to register through the Passport Seva online portal and click the “apply for a police clearance certificate” link. After entering the required details and submitting the form, they will be asked to make an online payment in order to be able to book an appointment at a passport office. Citizens will have to take their original documents to the chosen passport office.

Dependent on the state in which the citizens live, they can also visit police authorities to receive the document.


The country’s federal police can provide National Police Checks for residents of the Australian Capital Territory, Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories. The document can be used for those seeking employment with the Commonwealth government, those requiring a check under Commonwealth legislation and for Australian immigration purposes, as well as for overseas employment, adoption and visa applications


The Benefits of Contract Recruitment


Depending on what part of the world you originate from and what industry you work in will often dictate the terminology you use. Contractors, temps, consultants, part-timers, freelancers, interims, manpower, flexible staff – the list goes on.

However, what all these terms have in common is essentially the same i.e. companies require a person(s) for a set period of time to perform a certain function. This is distinct from permanent employees that (all things going well) would continue indefinitely with a particular company.

Broadly speaking, the labour law doesn’t distinguish between those stated above and what people traditionally class as permanent employees (for example, all employees require a valid visa, labour card and health insurance etc).

For all intents & purposes we are all expats who will one day return to our home country and the country provides certain laws that must be followed to both protect companies and employees. Therefore this can make it challenging when organizations require temporary or contract labour.

Fortunately England Associates are a local outsourcing agency based in the UAE that are able to legally and compliantly assist companies in this area.

Why Outsource in the Middle East?

Flexibility of Outsourcing

There are key flexibility benefits when using outsourcing companies in Dubai and the UAE that help alleviate many problems companies face.

1) Outsourcing companies to the rescue – avoid being seen as a hire and fire company!

A common statement from companies in the UAE is – “We only need people for a short or limited time period”. No respectable organization likes to hire and fire and when people are taken on a short-term basis and then let go, it can adversely effect a companies reputation. However when these employees are routed through an outsourcing company the employee clearly knows the relationship and is not connected to the client.

2) We want to select and hire the right people

Statement: “We want to test the employee out before committing to hiring them as a permanent employee”. This is becoming an increasing popular option when recruiting employees. Companies have the option to fully assess how competent and capable the employee is before employing on a full time or permanent basis.

3) Outsourcing companies can increase the speed of hiring

Statement: “We need people yesterday however we have strict policies on hiring with multiple interviews and detailed background verification checks that’s impacting our work”. Companies in the UAE often have strict policies on hiring. This can involve long interview and verification processes that slows down hiring. When

employing through a third party employment agency this process can often be reduced to one job interview and basic background checks which can dramatically increase the speed of hiring.

Scalability / Focus

Lets say you need 50 site staff for a project, or a site team to complete the last phases of a job or even a group of document controllers to help with data input. Attempting to recruit internally can be expensive plus you may not even have the visa allocation. This is where outsourcing agencies can play a major role in helping you scale quickly and efficiently. England Associates have access to an unlimited visa count which can alleviate the pressures on a business’s visa regulations which coupled to a database in excess of 75000 candidates here in the UAE and over 1 million through the global network of offices in the group ensures we have the resource to cover all requirements.

Payroll solution

In today’s fast paced business economy the flexibility offered by outsourced contract staff plays a key role in organizational success. Clients are able to employ staff on England Associates payroll, enabling temporary or short term staffing solutions, thus allowing them to overcome possible internal, local or international regulatory issues. Contract staffing circumvents the rigidity of the organizational charts, age, demographics and salary grades as staff hired on contract are very much an outsourced resource. Through our licensed payroll management service England Associates will save your valuable resources, take away your HR headaches and leave you to focus on your core business functionalities.

End to End recruitment solution

England Associates is one of the leading Outsourcing / Contract staffing companies in the UAE. With years of expertise in its business, it has all answers for contract staffing in the region. England Associates comprehends the work efficiency and professionalism required by clients and recruits candidates accordingly. Our outsourcing services take care of each and every minute detail right from the appointment to the termination of the employee. Be it a short term or a long term job, England Associates has the best solutions for all your flexi staff requirements

Services Include

  • Reference checks
  • Offer letters
  • Visa processing
  • Payroll
  • HR Management
  • Assistance in Performance Appraisal
  • Exit formalities


Rates and charges are important factors, but so are customer satisfaction and the services offered to both the business and the outsourced employees themselves. England Associates have a hard earned reputation as a company that looks after its flexi staff through a network of 17 PRO’s and contact centre staff specialized in dealing with enquiries and questions. We also have access to an online portal to which candidates are given a unique online log in to be kept updated and abreast of changes or required documents to ensure 100% compliance and legality.

England Associates pride ourselves on being a value added external resource to your business and are happy to discuss each flexi staffing requirement on a case by case basis to ensure that it is a commercially as well as organizationally viable option for your business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 04 362 6291 or speak to our Business Manager – John Mason on 052 601 2460 or email for more information.



Changing times in Dubai. . .

Our Dubai Team have had a lot of conversations in the office recently regarding how much the Middle East changes during the summer. This has been prompted mainly as we have welcomed Nick and Nino to our business, who joined from the UK in June and July respectively.

In previous years we have noticed a significant drop in activity on newly registered vacancies and interviews during the summer months, principally due to the mass exodus of expats and decision makers who take their leave to escape the heat. This year has felt decidedly different and as we move into August the business has more live vacancies than in the previous three years put together.


Technology? – has largely helped but nothing ground-breaking has come to market that we haven’t already had for the past five years. We all fly around the middle east with our email inbox, photo editing software, a pdf reader, document editor and scanner in our pocket or handbag. All of us have experienced the pain of dialing into a conference call when we on the other side of the planet.

The weather? – hasn’t changed and won’t change, summer is hot but we live in the desert! People will always look to escape to the cooler summer temperatures of Europe, North America and Australasia.

More work? – the market is stable and doesn’t appear to be any more work than previous years; there are new construction projects in the pipeline as there always will be. But, these are planned and phased to start on site gradually. Operating in the Construction and Professional Services sectors we see this happening before others; a new construction project will lead to our construction recruiters being busy, in turn the insurance industry sees an impact in coverage needed, hospitals require more staff and schools need more teachers to cope with the ever increasing population and our Professional Services team will see an increase in new job roles.

Mindset? – have we all said ‘no’ to the summer slowdown without having a conference to sit down and discuss it. Are we all simply fed up of coasting through from June to August with things not getting done?! It has been a lot easier to get everything done this year. We’ve processed two new visas within two weeks and have made more placements this summer than any previous summer. Our contract recruitment team headed up by John has had 47 new starters in two months and with August ahead of us this number is set to increase.

Outlook? Whatever the reasons, the Middle East continues to establish itself as a mature and growing market, with an increase in world leading residential, hospitality and commercial projects over the coming years. We are looking forward with optimism over the coming months.

This post has been written by Martyn French, any opinions expressed are that of the author, and not necessarily representative of the views held by EA recruit


Case Study – EA recruit on site recruitment capabilities

Client requirements

CBFA, a JV Company between Cofely Besix and Farnek Avireal supplies all Hard FM services to the Dubai Mall and The Burj Khalifa.

Due to client demand and taking their services from world class to beyond CBFA JV Burj Khalifa had an urgent need to recruit an additional 30 employees to drive the business forward to enable to meet the requirements of the client strategy. These additional recruits included MEP and Civil Technicians, Team Leaders, Civil Supervisor, MEP Managers, HSE Inspector, Energy assistant and a Deputy Facility Manager.

When briefed on the new organisational chart by CBFA, it was evident that the candidates needed to be of exceptional quality and to be brought on board quickly. Due to many contributing factors previous recruitment from alternative suppliers had been costly, slow in process and many candidates being sent and reviewed that were not of suitable calibre.


EA recruit recommended to CBFA Senior Management that Hayley Denham, a specialist FM Recruiter, was to be seconded to work on site at The Burj Khalifa in the CBFA office for a 6 week period to act as a dedicated recruiter for the specific 30 positions. This would enable a thorough understanding of the company set up, culture, project requirements, the client strategy and the level of candidate to be sought. Hayley was able to really get under the skin and have a full understanding of each role from being on site, therefore not allowing any unsuitable candidates to be passed to anyone within the organisation. By appointing a dedicated specialist recruiter, CBFA would save money, time and increase recruitment efficiency by liaising directly with the line manager and client for reviewing of CVs, interview process and having direct involvement in the offer process.

EA recruit and CBFA agreed a fixed retained payment fee for the recruitment of all 30 positions. This was to be part up front and part upon completion. The deal effectively saved CBFA in excess of 180,000AED compared to recruiting from a number of suppliers.

Feedback from our client

Kulvinder Rupra, Facility Manager, CBFA JV Burj Khalifa ●

“I employed the services of EA (Hayley) for a period of 6 weeks. Within these 6 weeks I set the challenge to recruit 25 technicians and 5 managers, all of the aforementioned had to be vetted by the client, my team and myself. In addition to the above the management team had to be specifically trained and experienced in a specialised form of maintenance. My team gave her a short presentation and a crash course in maintenance techniques, terms, processes and my client’s vision and goal. Hayley accepted the challenge and disappeared for 2 weeks, just when I thought she had crashed and burned Hayley came to my office with a list of potential candidates and recommendations. I conducted one interview Hayley observed my requirements went away and came back with a shortlist of candidates which I interviewed. She then liaised with the client and arranged the relevant people and held the required interviews, drove the process internally until such time the offer letters were out.


Welcome to our new website

Firstly, thank you for visiting our new website and we hope that you have found what you were looking for. We have tried to make it as user friendly as possible whether you are viewing via desktop, mobile or tablet.

One of the most important new functions has been our registration section, if you are looking for a new role this allows you to register with us quickly and with very little information needed. It can be time consuming filling in pages of unnecessary information and we completely agree. All we require is information relevant to helping us find your next career move.

The jobs page will be updated on a regular basis with all current vacancies so please check back in from time to time and contact us when you see a role you are interested in.

We will have more features coming in the future but in the meantime we hope you found the new site easy to use and informative. Thanks for visiting!